Mali G

A Poem

Photo by the Author

I am a beautiful voice

With nothing to say

Just humming softly all through the day

I am a stone skipping on the skin of the water

And I am the water

I am sparkling.

I feel like a nap with a smile

There is a buzzing in…



To Grieve

My heart is a beehive

that’s just been kicked.

They’re swarming


in my chest.

Stabbing and leaking and dripping

Until my stomach is a gallon

of poison.

I can feel them buzzing into my limbs

Their anger electric

and deafening

but only I can hear it.





Do I let life beat me over the head

With its feather pillows

And foam noodles

When some have been beaten with whips

And steel chains

They live with scars that tell of it for them.

No need to say a word.

I’m a fragile woman

My life has been so easy

That I must find silly things to cry over

To try to explain


Why I feel so bad

but maybe I don’t cry for just me

maybe I cry for the world.



Today I found a place with grasshoppers

The real wilderness

Where leaves and deadwood

Cover the ground

The wind was angry overhead

But it didn’t touch me on the ground

I don’t want to meet snakes

But snakes deserve their place too.

Instead I find an alcove

Of old manzanita

A crown lifting to the sky

And I sleep among them.



Mali G

Mali G

An empath on the journey to become her best self. Writes about Mindfulness Meditation. Self-care for Empaths. Overcoming Addiction. Healthy Habit making.