A glimpse into the struggles and rewards of being highly sensitive.

Just shy of 38 years and I’m getting to know myself. My therapist, who has become a dear friend, brought to my attention a trait that I now believe I was born with. …

A woman crawling out from under male domination. A poem.

Hello my dear friend slash ex-boyfriend slash occasional lover,

Something bad has happened to me.

I’ve realized

I’m allowed to change my mind.

I’ve realized

I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do.

I’ve recently become a…

I don’t have many white friends either, but still.

I want to be an ally to racial justice. I think that discrimination based on color or ethnicity or origin country is wrong and damaging and limiting to our society as a whole. But I don’t have any Black friends, so…

I am unsymmetrical.

I feel aloft, yet I’m yearning to grow roots.

How does anyone know what they want?

If you think about something often, do you really want it? Or is dreaming just a habit?

Get a good white knuckle grasp on what you want for your life.


Though it may feel like you’re protecting yourself, being alone often and for long durations can have a harming effect on your Spirit.

Raise an eyebrow if you were one, like me, to actually like quarantine? One that was relieved by the dramatically slower pace of life and the stark…

George Floyd was murdered.

An officer of the law who had sworn to protect and serve the people of his community knelt on George Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes.

Knelt is not a good word for it, because it doesn’t sound like violence or hatred.

Say their names.


To Grieve

My heart is a beehive

that’s just been kicked.

They’re swarming


in my chest.

Stabbing and leaking and dripping

Until my stomach is a gallon

of poison.


Do I let life beat me over the head

With its feather pillows

And foam noodles

When some have been beaten with whips

And steel chains

They live with…

Today I found a place with grasshoppers

The real wilderness

Where leaves and deadwood

Cover the ground

The wind was angry overhead

But it didn’t touch me on the ground

I am a beautiful voice

With nothing to say

Just humming softly all through the day

I am a stone skipping on the skin of the water

And I am…

Mali G

An empath on the journey to become her best self. Writes about Mindfulness Meditation. Self-care for Empaths. Overcoming Addiction. Healthy Habit making.

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